Hydronic Radiant Heat



In the hydronic radiant heating system that we use, heated water is circulated through special tubing which is installed in the floor system. The water heats the floor, which in turn radiates heat into the home. Radiant heat is between 20 to 40% more efficient than convective heat (such as forced air or baseboard). Radiant heat is comfortable. It has uniformly spread temperatures, with no drafts, warmer near the feet and cooler near the head. What is more important, radiant heat is safe, neither drying out the air nor blowing it around. In contrast, forced air systems not only may leak energy into unheated spaces, but often pick up dust, insulation, and mildew from attics and crawl spaces and blow them into the living areas. In some cases, they can back draft carbon monoxide from the furnace and blow it into the house.



High-Efficiency Boiler

We generally use one high efficiency water heater to provide both space heat and domestic hot water for the houses thereby saving both space and money. Many years of experience have gone into designing an elegant system that is simple. safe, and cost effective.