Creating Millworks


Building Community from the Ground Up

The Millworks Co-housing began as a collaborative effort by people dedicated to seeing Bellingham grow intelligently, beautifully, and with our community and environment in mind. Through the process, Millworks developed into an 8 home co-housing community located at 2600 Mill Ave in Happy Valley of Bellingham. This project will be of demonstration quality, promoting affordability, green construction and development practices, as well as creative infill and smart growth.

Homes within the development have been custom designed with a focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, utilizing passive solar gain, and minimizing impact. All the homes are single-family detached home range in size and design to create a truly unique community. Shared amenities allow the homes to be smaller than average with a common house with kitchen, library and study room, guest quarters, and meeting space. All homes will be certified Built Green and ENERGY STAR.

The Millworks co-housing site is an ideal location for smart growth and low-impact development. Located close to schools, markets, and bus lines, this high-density development provides easy access to services for the Millworks homeowners. Low-impact development practices will be utilized throughout the site including on-site stormwater management and emphasis on permeable surfaces, raingardens, and native landscaping. The Millworks community is planning a group car share program to minimize parking, driving, and costs. The site is also home to a .45 acre wetland restoration and preservation project.

The Millworks Co-housing community has already become a paradigm for Bellingham’s building community. With homeowners integrally involved in the process, this development has character and spirit.